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I Am a Huge Geek

Posted by Olivia Lawrence on December 19, 2012 at 1:00 AM

I've been rewatching all of Firefly again over the last couple of days, and I had a theory of epic proportions.  Being equally geeky about Firefly and Doctor Who, they are both frequently on my mind.  I was contemplating the mystery of Shepard Book and how the common thought is that he had previously been an Operative.  So then I had the crazy but completely legitimate thought that if there were a Doctor Who crossover, and say the Operative runs into the Doctor after the events of Serenity when he's decided he wants to atone for his actions.  Maybe he travels with him for a bit, but eventually he ends up maybe 40-50 years of so behind his original timeline, decided to pursue religion and becomes a shepard.  Then not only is Shepard Book a former operative, he was THE Operative.  BAM! Brain explodes.  As far as I've thought there are no paradoxical issues with this theory, so I will forever more believe my theory that the Operative meets the Doctor and becomes Shepard Book.  Then kills himself in the future.  The only thing that will change my mind from this would be for Joss Whedon to reveal his story, until then, I quite like this idea. :)

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