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Facebook World

Posted by Olivia Lawrence on September 17, 2014 at 1:05 PM

This morning I was thinking about how connected our everyday lives are to the internet nowadays. The world that we live in now is so completely intertwined with the internet that when we aren’t up to date on checking things like Facebook we miss out on the events of the people around us. With my classes and work I’m only checking Facebook briefly before I leave the apartment and when I get home in the evening, and even that is not a very infrequent timeline. I know people that only check in on Facebook every few weeks, and then there are the people who are still not on Facebook.

This morning when I checked my Facebook I noticed a post from a close friend who is apparently moving out of state after some big life changes. Even though I check Facebook daily, these important posts from her had been lost in the midst of the constant stream of information that is my News Feed. Facebook has always been what I rely on to keep up to date with my friends, especially since I’m now away at school, but apparently even that isn’t working.

Facebook has been to me a way to stay connected, but it seems like it’s leaving an even bigger distance between people. I myself use it to make posts about events in my life and I assume that since it’s on Facebook that everyone has been informed. How often do you ask someone how they’re doing and get the response “did you see my Facebook post” or “did you get my tweet”? Just this weekend my flat mate and I were watching a movie and we heard a knock on the door. When I answered it our other flat mate came walking in with something clearly not ok. When we asked him what happened he told us that “we don’t check Facebook enough” and waited until we did so to find out what happened. After consulting Facebook, rather than have the person in front of us explain, we found out that he had spent the entire day at the hospital. We are so stuck in the virtual world that we revert to checking it even when the person is in front of us!

I don’t claim to have any sort of solution to this problem, in face this is really just blurting out of my thoughts on the matter. So what do you think? Does this ring any bells for you as well? Maybe it evens out in the end because I’m still in touch with people I would have long lost touch with if it weren’t for Facebook, but all I know is that Facebook is clearly changing the way that we interact with each other. Be it for better or worse.


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